Microsoft Defender ATP for Mac - No License Found

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We are testing deployment of Microsoft Defender ATP through Jamf, and everything goes great during the initial deployment. Things look fine for days, but as soon as the user reboots or moves to a different network, ATP starts throwing a "No License Found" error.

I have verified that the device is activated in the ATP console, and that our orgID is set properly on the device.

Followed these instructions to the letter:

Has anyone else experienced this issue?


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I have the same issue with a Macbook i've enrolled yesterday.
When I de MDATP health it return a 1 which should mean the product is onboarded and functioning as expected.
I will check the steps because there have been some changes in it since Catalina.

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I found that that untill Full Disk Access is granted for the app, which should be done with a PPPC configuration profile, the license message showed, once allowed the license should be found. The PPPC based on MS's own doc is known not to work as seen here
I had to grant control manaully, but luckly this was just a test and we are going with Cisco AMP instead.

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We had a similar issue with the "No License", this seemed to resolve itself it we forced a update check after the initial install of Defender ATP.

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I too am having problems with this one. I was successful in getting my machines to download and install the configuration policy but I see the No License found error. I have forced an update as suggested

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We also had this issue. Resolution was to create a configuration profile. Use the APLLICATION & CUSTOM SETTINGS option and choose as preference domain. we chose for instance: Automatically check, download, and install updates;
Production as Update Channel;
Enable check for updates = TRUE;
and at least Applications:
Microsoft Defender ATP


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The security center gives the option of using a script or a plist. The script seems to work better.

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If anyone is still having this issue might be worth having a look at your PLIST my was named ..plist I copied and pasted from the MS doc and there was a full stop after the preference domain which I had pasted in

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I am a little late to the thread, but we use this:

/Library/Application\ Support/Microsoft/MAU2.0/Microsoft\ --install --apps wdav00


It usually updates within 30 minutes.

You are awesome. Thank you for this.

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Hi All,

Looks like I am joining this fun party!

Just read through the  documentation and first run through of the various parts was a bust.

Starting over today

What is the required order for the bits to be installed?

Anybody with helpful hints feel free to share.