Microsoft OneDrive is installed 2x

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Hello everyone,

we experience the issue that OneDrive gets installed twice on our machines.
Anyone having the same issue?

Our configuration:
Primarly our new machines get OneDrive with VPP, that works great. You get always the actual version installed, no issues so far.
The second installation happens apparently during the Microsoft Office 365 installation.
We use the installer for updating Office too. If possible we want to keep it that way because it only has about 1.7 GB and the individual update packages you have to use otherwise are about three times as big.

The VPP installation creates a folder named "OneDrive" in Applications wherein the app gets installed.
The Office installation happens to install the app directly into Applications (we use the current install package, 16.24, but you get a pretty old OneDrive app there).

Sometimes this creates disturbances since the user may open a different app manually as if using Spotlight. Because of the different versions etc.

If anyone has an idea or a solution you are very welcome to share your knowledge ;)

Thank you,


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We went around and around with OneDrive and whether to use the App Store version or the stand alone version. The stand alone version that comes with Office 2019/O365 should update itself when launched and keep itself up to date. We've standardized on that version as it's more predictable when it will install using Jamf. For us, VPP installs typically work seamless, but when they don't........

I don't recall the specifics but I believe if you're installing Office through Jamf you can customize the installation to NOT install OneDrive during the O365 install. That will prevent your OneDrive folder(s) being created with secondary app inside. I'm pretty sure I saw the example here in JN in the recent past.