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Hey Everybody, checking to see if someone here might know... Apple and MS haven't been much help.

So we had a configuration profile created for MS Teams in High Sierra to allow users to allow the screen sharing option in Accessibility. Users are non-admins. When upgraded to Catalina, this config profile is no longer required. Problem is, now that the profile was removed, we can't seem to get Teams to load in the Screen Recording window. And theres no  + button to add it manually unfortunately. We get the prompt to open System Prefs when trying to enable screen sharing in Teams, but then the option to allow Teams is not there. Wondering if removing the config profile did something somewhere in the OS. Its not user login specific either. Def OS. We tried it on same machine, different login account with no avail. Can anyone think of what might be blocking it?


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You could try to do this for Teams.
Then re-push the config profile, as I'm pretty sure you still need this config for standard users all the way up to macOS Monterey.

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I'm not entirely sure that under Monterey, screen sharing doesn't always have to be enabled by the user. But remember: the Config Profile must always be on the computer first, then install the app!

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Guys, thanks for the help with this! And sorry for the delay, was waiting for the user to get back in town! @KyleEricson So we tried the reset but we got a return of:

Failed to reset all approval status for

Ever experience that?