Migrate Macs from Old Jamf Env to new via command line

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We are rotating in a new Jamf Environment. However there are four machines that need to be moved now. What's the easiest way for me to do this. Since it's just four macs, is there a way I can do this via SSH Terminal Session so I don't need to have the users enroll via Self Service?


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I have a migration document if you needed this, but in a nutshell, do this.


  1. Jamf-Quick-Add.pkg (from new Jamf)
  2. Static Computer Group in Old Jamf

  3. Add the static computer group as an exclusion on each configuration profile in the old Jamf.

  4. Upload the quick add pkg to the old Jamf
  5. Create a policy to install this quick add pkg
  6. Scope This policy to the group you created
  7. Add computers to this group.
  8. You must approve the MDM profile in system prefs after this policy has run
  9. Delete the device records out of the old Jamf
  10. Done
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