Missing Policy Categories

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Suddenly, most of our Policy categories are not displaying (only the first two) and I am unable to see or edit the associated policies unless I was lucky enough to have them on my Dashboard. I know the policies are still there because I can edit the ones on the Dashboard. This is just a display problem. But, as we're a Cloud shop, I can't restart a server or anything like that.

Anyone else ever have this happen?


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Until you get the UI issue resolved, I would recommend doing the following.

Get a list of your policies + their IDs by the API, using something like this

curl -H "Accept: application/xml" -su 'username:password' https://yourserver.jamfcloud.com/JSSResource/policies | xmllint --format -

You should get a printout that has the policies and their IDs in an xml format. From their, locate the policy/policies you want to get into and use a Url like the following in your browser:


Replace the XX with the policy ID number. It should get you into the policy so you can at least edit it.
If that doesn't work for some reason then you may have a bigger problem on your hands. Hopefully that will help in the interim though.

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Saw this today, remembered the "Show" menu below needed to be bumped up.