ML FirstBoot scripts & iCloud

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So recently (last week or so), I noticed that on the ML builds, the machines restart after the initial casper portion (normal), and reboot to the adobeinstall (normal), but now when it logs into the adobeinstaller to run all the stuff at reboot, the adobeinstaller boots to iCloud setup and sits there until I cancel.

Further, after I cancel the icloud, it finishes the installs as normal and reboots to the OS login screen, waits for a bit as if it's finished, then will reboot again. This started happening around the same time as the icloud thing started popping back up.


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John, what version of the JSS are you running? I've been seeing that with 8.6 the cloud screen comes up, but eventually the Casper screen comes up.

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It is 8.6, but I've been using 8.6 since it was released and this just started this week..
I changed the FB script to run "before' instead of at reboot as a test to see if it will make it work better.

Maybe I just noticed now... who knows.

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Did you update your netboot set with Casper Imaging 8.6?