Mobile Device PreStage Enrolment Name Enforcing

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Hi all

I created a PreStage Enrolment for Mobile Devices and have ticked the box to Enforce Mobile Device Names adding a prefix along with the device serial number. I've noticed that if I scope a Configuration Profile to the devices which has the Restrictions setting of "Allow modifying device name (supervised only)" disabled, then the PreStage Enrolment does not change the name of the device. Is this expected behaviour or should the PreStage name change happen before the Configuration Profile is installed?


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From what I've been reading here on JAMFNation, it is working as it was built, but isn't very usable as you can see. The configuration profile is taking precedence even over commands from the MDM.

I thought there were two Feature Requests for this but can only find one.

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@cdenesha Thanks for that. I ended up creating a set of smart groups that look for a correctly named iPad and then scoping the Restrictions Profile to that group.

Also upvoted the Feature Request.