Mojave Desktop Image + Mojave.heic File

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I've got this issue that's been driving me bonkers....

I have a custom Mojave.heic file that is just a renamed .png file that is branded with our district logo. Our district logo got updated recently and I decided to push it out to one Mac here. The login window was updated to the new Mojave.heic file but a couple of local accounts it did not. They have the previous logo.

So I've been trying to figure out where this old image is stored. Searching for other "Mojave.heic" did not yield any results. I tried deleting the home folder and regenerating it but the old logo still appears. The only way I was able to get the new logo to appear was to delete the account which leads me to suspect the desktop image is somehow cached in the user profile.

Obviously deleting the user accounts to get the new logo is not a viable solution for updating the logo. Does anyone have any idea where the old desktop picture file could be stored?


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/Library/Desktop Pictures/Mojave.heic . Note that Mojave.heic is a multipage HEIC, not a static PNG, and changing it may not be trivial.

You should probably putting your image somewhere and using a config profile to set it as the wallpaper rather than overwriting Mojave.heic. ab8602b6256a42da903d5b8e8fc780fe

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I jacked up some computers regarding this and in the process of reverting them back to default. Would be nice if this was easily customizable, but it is not.