Monitor JSS services?

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Hello, I'd like to know how others are monitoring services and resources on their JSS?


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we have some monitoring that will tell us if disks get full, or if the 8443 port stops responding done through SiteScope and we have yet to have a problem in 3 years.

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We've got both Cacti (via SMNP) and Nagios running on our servers while the Systems team do their evaluations. Since we're a RHEL 6 environment they look at network throughput, ram utilisation and hard drive (on it's important shares) utilisation and java process uptime.

On our separate database server we do all of that plus database size, backup system monitoring and sql dump checks for our test server copy process.

We're pretty covered. Just need people to decide what system we're going to use!

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@nessts - I am looking to setup something similar within my company to monitor via SiteScope. Would there be any changes or anything else you'd monitor, if any at all?

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Not off the top of my head.

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Well... Nagios really seems the be the way to go. However, it does have a steep learning curve (I am not very familiar with it's implementation as I've got a network engineer that manages that here). However, I've found graphdat to be pretty decent for free/cheap. At least decent enough to show CPU/Memory/"I/O" form Disk as well as network ports.

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Forget that post, was having a blond moment