Monitor mirroring

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We have a class room of 25 new iMacs where the ceiling is quite low, and it's near impossible to fit a big screen because of the same of the room, the ceiling isn't heigh enough to get a projector or display above the 27" iMacs that block your view and yet still below the ceiling and still legible 3 rows back.

I was hoping there was some kind of app you could open that would just show the staff computer's monitor without having to enter passwords, or with a simple 4 digit pin that would be able to be shown big on the teachers computer.

A bit like AirPlay but from one computer that is sat there, to 24 student machines.

I know you've for ARD and others but they are all remote control also, and I really just want a button on the dock that makes it either open or ask for a pin and then open.

Any one know of something simple like this?



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AirParrot 2 might do the trick.


You should take a look at LanSchool. It might be overkill for what you are trying to do, but in a lab environment it is basically as easy as what you describe - although there will be some initial setup on your part.