Monterey Compatible Macs (regex)

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Hi folks!

I've posted a gist on GitHub that includes two regexes you can use to identify Monterey compatible Macs in your organization.

It has two slightly different strings. You can use either regex in Jamf Pro in Advanced Computer Searches or Smart Computer Groups. Add the Model Identifier criterion to a new search or smart group, set the operator to "matches regex" and paste in one of the two regex strings.


Which regex string should you use?

The first string matches Mac models that are available today. It's more exact but won't match any new Mac models without updating it as new models are released. The second is more future-proof and will match future Mac models. However, when Apple releases the next major macOS version after Monterey and new Mac models in Fall 2022, this string will eventually become out-of-date and incorrect.

If you'd like to see what Mac hardware models these regexes will match, have a look at this link: