Monterey - Hide ?

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So - how is the best way to avoid the software update at all download monterey ? - As far I know the "ignore" parameter is not working in big sur anymore. Of course other softwareupdates should still show up  like big sur 11.1 etc



Hey, I don't know of a way to prevent the download itself, but restricting "Install macOS" in the Jamf Restrictions and using the "Kill process" option prevents users from installing Monterey.

Other minor updates of e.g. Big Sur will still be available.

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Defer updates will prevent users from seeing the Monterey update in System Prefs/Software Updates. 

Create a configuration profile with the Restrictions payload - Functionality tab - select Defer updates of Only major software updates for 30 days and scope for all computers. Then scope exclusions for test computers or early adopters.

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Thanks, Ed. This requires 11.3+ to work if I recall correctly. Anyone have a working method for Catalina? 

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I was able to find a workaround to defer macOS Monterey with a plist instead of a full Restrictions Payload. This is EXTREMELY helpful, as you do not have to enable/disable any other settings in your environment with that configuration profile. I have this config profile scoped to a smart group of OS is Big Sur or higher.


For any devices on 10.15.7 Catalina or lower, you can still use softwareupdate --ignore "macOS Monterey". I found with my policy, the command is a bit finicky and did not apply properly to all machines. It seems a machine reboot, or flushing and re-pushing the command works if it fails the first time around.


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I tried that and when testing it on two devices it worked on one and not on the other. Is there anything else you put in this profile that gave you more success?