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We are looking at doing a lot of deployment of Adobe CS3 this summer.

I've read some of the various strategies that people are using here on the mailing list as well as the manual and knowledge base article.

There seems to be lots of different opinions on how well this works. Does anyone out there just use a standard package for this created via Composer ?

All in all is the Casper admin method working the best ?

Roger Corbin


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At my previous employer we didn't have Casper, so I had to do the deployments with a Composer built package, and I had no problems with it. Well, the only issue we had dealt with running CS2 and CS3 on the same machine. We had to make sure CS2 was installed first, and then CS3 if we needed both applications.

Otherwise, it was smooth as silk. I did the installation, ran thru registration, ran all Adobe updates at the time, then created the package.

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