Moved to hosted environment - JSS/enroll website doesn't work and more

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Last Friday we transitioned to a hosted environment and are fighting a couple issues.

(1) Our method of sending laptop users to an enrollment URL no longer works like it used to. Instead of providing a downloaded copy of the QuickAdd package for the user to run and enroll their machine, it gives this message: "To continue with enrollment, you need to install the CA certificate for your organization" which allows the user to download and install a cert, but does not install Self Service and enroll the device in our MDM.

(2) Some apps are not installing for iPads. This could be an initial waiting period for things to settle down for our VPP account, licenses, etc.

(3) Still waiting for Class Lists to drop on a class of 24 shared model iPads. Not sure if something has changed here or it will simply take an extended amount of time. It's been about three hours currently.


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for #1 this is a new feature released in jamfPro 10.3. The enrollment and install of Self Service take a little bit of extra time to process through and a MDM command is sent to perform those tasks (if my understanding is correct)

Release Notes 10.3

I got nothing on #2 and #3 as i don't have ipads or class lists in my environment.

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Do you have the apps scoped and assigned properly for the ipads?

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1 - I just got an email from Support saying the same thing as Dennis, so I'll review those notes. Thanks! That will be a change, we historically have had some devices that lose connection with the server over a period of time and it's always been extremely easy to throw the URL at people to enroll themselves that way (aside from Apple blocking downloads from third parties including Jamf).

2 - We had someone ask about Garageband and when I looked at it in Devices > Mobile Device Apps > in the long list of apps it would not show the overview of license counts like it typically does. After I looked at the app details and did an edit/save (with no changes made), a couple minutes later the license count was reflected on the preview page and I'm able to install the app. I certainly don't want to individually touch 1,000 apps but maybe it's a sign that the VPP store connection is taking more time to settle down.

3 - I just got word that the Class List dropped on the cart, so #3 is resolved. It just took 4 hours to complete.