Moving to JAMF and can't find an on campus option for Policies

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I am working with a school that is migrating away from Lightspeed to Jamf and one of the features that they currently use is the on campus vs global policies feature, which is tied to the Public IP address of the school. I am looking at using Network Segments but given that an iPad only checks in daily when it gets an inventory then this does not look like it would work. I believe that Lightspeed split check ins (every 15min) and inventories (daily) so that this would work.

We use this to block the use of Social Media and Games when at school, as the Apps are simply hidden.

Any ideas on how to do this in Jamf?


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Would the “sites” not be what you are looking for? You can create a different site for each campus.


I think Network Segments would generally be the way to do that, but if iOS devices only check in once a day that isn't really an option. Jamf Pro has the option to change check in frequency for computers. Is there not a way to do that for iOS devices? (I only use Jamf Pro to manage Macs and haven't done much with iOS device management.)

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iPads do an inventory refresh daily, weekly or monthly based on the option you choose.

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Given the once a day inventory (shortest timeframe) on iOS, I agree that using Network Segments isn't really a workable option. It's more valid to use them in a macOS environment, since Macs run a check-in much more frequently and also update their IP address on changes.

The only other thing I can think of, which could be quite unmanageable if you have a lot of buildings and locations on the campus, would be to use iBeacons for this. But I'm guessing you'd have to have iBeacons located nearly everywhere for it to work effectively. In most places, iBeacons tend to be used for more specific purposes, like knowing when a device enters a conference room or boardroom, or is near a printer, etc.

Still, it could be something to look into.

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The issue is how often an iPad checks to see which policies apply to it. iBeacons may work but what happens if the iPad is off when the student gets to school?