MS Defender ATP on Mac - Update app to avoid losing protection

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We've deployed Defender ATP to our Mac users.
Configured it to update automatically and all is working fine.

Now we have this message on all enrolled Macbooks:

Your device will stop receiving protection in 57 days. Please update app to avoid losing protection.

The last time we had this, the update process was not implemented as expected.
Right now on the test machines i have here it has the following version information:

Antimaleware Client version: 100.83.73
Engine version: 3.0
Antivirus Version: 79931
Antispyware Version: 79931

Any one know how to proceed with this?



I read on the slack channel for Microsoft that version 100.86.71 that is currently in the Insiders Ring resolves the issue. This has happened before and it was about 3 or 4 days before Microsoft released the Insiders Ring version to Production and Enterprise Ring.

Last time the issue resolved itself when all our users received a silent update from Microsoft.

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I had the same question because I just deployed Defender ATP for MacOS. Thanks!

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So today they released 100.86 to Production and the message is now gone.

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We're currently testing Defender ATP with a small group of computers. The truly annoying thing about this notice was the yellow flag that it put on the menubar icon to alert about an issue the user can't fix that was 57 days away. This makes me uneasy about ever moving forward with it, since the people in my department who are sticklers for user experience would be pinging me constantly if we had Defender doing that in Production.