MS Office Login Automation

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I considered opening a case with Jamf, but since this includes an MS product I thought it might be outside of their supported features.

I'm new to Jamf and our organization uses a 100% cloud Office 365 environment. I'm in the stage of refining the end user deployment experience and what I've noticed is that employees will have to sign on the machine multiple times at first and I suspect after every password change as well.

Login list thus far after Jamf Connect creates an account:
Jamf Sync (even though I ask it to automate this via PLIST / keychain)
In Tune Conditional Access Application (3 logins)
-- Company Portal Application
-- ADFS Web Popup
-- Keychain (always allow access)
MS Office Applications (4 logins)

While I realize I would have a difficult time changing the Sync / Intune portion, I figured I might be able to streamline the MS Office Application portion and get those to pull from Keychain or Jamf Sync per say?

Has anyone done this before?