MS OneNote on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil?

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Anyone out there running the Microsoft OneNote app on an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil? If so, how accurate is the pressure sensitivity for note taking and handwriting/sketching?

I have users who are testing it, but they seem to think that the Apple Pencil sensitivity doesnt work in OneNote as well as it does in other iOS apps such as EverNote. I dont have access to an iPad Pro and Pencil to verify this (But I am taking donations - if you wanna help a 'brotha out).

Microsoft claims to be totally on board with the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil as a productivity tool, but to what degree I'm not sure.

I have users who are migrating from EverNote to OneNote eventually (to integrate with our new SharePoint intranet, and OneDrive, etc). But it sounds like the handwriting input may not be up to par. I need to confirm this. Any thoughts?


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I have it
It has very basic Apple Pencil support for pressure sensitivity and drawing. OneNote does not treat the Apple Pencil like an Art tool, but feels fine as a napkin sketcher.
Glaring issue is Ink to Text is not yet present. You could, however, open the synced note to a Windows Desktop OneNote program and covert it there.
My opinion: Microsoft wants exposure on all platforms, but is only serious on Windows.