Multiple Subfolders with Chrome Managed Bookmarks?

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Hi All,

Is it possible to use a plist file to push out a bookmark folder with multiple subfolders?

Any advice will be appreciated, and any advice on learning docs such as tutorials on plist files would also be much appreciated


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Hi @jaroma ,
Yes it is possible! Google has it's bookmark scheme outlined here: ManagedBookmarks.

I used ProfileCreator to make my initial I then opened the plist in BBedit (personal preference, but save the hassle of having to convert the plist to upload).


I adjusted the Bookmark plist setting with the toplevel_name key value (you'd probably also use the children key value).

Since I needed my bookmarks to be on every user's machine, I uploaded the plist into Application & Custom Settings in Configuration Profiles.


You'd use a slightly different method if you'd like user's to be able to edit the Bookmarks.

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Thanks @shaquir we decided against it in the end, wish I came across your response sooner ha!