MUT sets user but EDU profile is not installed


We're using Jamf Pro 10.50 on prem in an educational environment.

In the past we have used the MUT to assign devices to specific users. As soon as the device is assigned, the MDM automatically creates an EDU profile configuration and installs it on the device so that the user is able to use Apple classroom as either a teacher or student - whatever their account specifies.

Now, if we use the MUT for a device assignment, it appears to properly assign the device to the user and apps/polices/etc work appropriately for the assigned user, but the EDU config is not installed on the device.
If we manually (find object, Inventory, User & Location, search for user and save change there) assign the device to the same user, it then creates and installs the EDU config on the device.

Has anyone else seen this or does anyone have ideas on what is going on? @mlev 

The log looks normal.
I downloaded clean templates.
It does appear to have set the device name and username as we set in the CSV used.


I suspect this changed when we upgraded from Jamf Pro 10.42 but I'm not positive on that.




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I am having a similar issue and we are using a cloud hosted instance of Jamf Pro. When this happens, If I click on the assigned device and go to User and Location, select the Edit button on the right, and then leave the Username in the blank as it appears, but click search, and then click save. This works almost every time for us, however, this is only a work around and still requires lots of work to do this for every device that that I assign using Mut. I only see this on the mass uploads from Mut. I am usually only doing 16 or so devices at a time.  If I assign the device manually, EDU pushes normally.

What we have been doing to help recently and may be a little quicker for you is to manually unassign and re-assign a device. It then magically makes everything on that mut upload work.

It looks like:

Grab serial of first device on mut list you just ran,
Go to it and User and Location,
Clear out all fields and save,
Edit again,
Manually enter username and search for user again,

Then everything else that was in that mut upload suddenly works. Weird, but working for us.

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That is Very strange. What happens if instead of an edit and manual assign, you do an Update Inventory? (We are connected to LDAP and collect updated LDAP data on every Update Inventory - so please report on that as well)

Did you create a support ticket?

When you checked the logs, did you turn debug mode on? Maybe also turn statement logging on as well…


It is strange.

An update inventory doesn't cut it. We tried that.

We are connected to on prem AD so changes to AD sync to Jamf with each update inventory.

I have had a case open and they were unable to resolve. While working with Jamf support we did enable debug and I think statement logging but I'm not 100% sure on that statement logging and it still didn't help find anything we could find to use to resolve.


We're going to update server and Jamf Pro version again soon hoping that version update fixes it.

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Have you been able to find a fix or to pinpoint the cause for this yet?

Nothing at all.

We're planning a Jamf Pro update in the next several weeks. Hopefully it changes behavior, but so far nothing.