My DEP / Prestage Enrollment Procedure for computers is not working correctly with Ventura


A couple of things are no longer working correctly during enrollment via DEP.  My prestage enrollment is set to skip everything except for Location Services. I then have a policy triggered by Enrollment Complete to run a script prompting to enter a computer name. This usually pops up while sitting at the Location Services setup. It then goes ahead and creates the local admin account and kicks off another policy to bind to AD.

With Ventura, my script to prompt for a computer name fails with "Logged in user is not _mbsetupuser"  Has the setup assistant changed to use a different account?

My other problem is that it doesnt sit and wait at the Location Services screen. It gets skipped and Location Services doesnt get turned on.

Everything else, as far as I can tell, seems to be working. It gets enrolled, created the local admin account and binds to AD. I've searched Jamf Nation as well as other sites but couldnt find anything about _mbsetupuser being deprecated but I did come across an article that stated macOS Ventura 13.5 broke the Location Services setting.  Im assuming this is why prestage enrollments is not stopping at the Location services setup screen.


Thanks for any help. Ive been using Jamf for a while but Im not a big scripting person.


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I'm having the same issue with Location getting skipped. I'm pretty new to Jamf so just trying to figure things out still. I verified that its unchecked on pre-stage enrollment. Trying to do this on Sonoma. I'm also trying to use a script that prompts for the hostname. You've probably come across this thread; its a little older but seems like its the same issue.

Have you found a solution yet? unfortunately it seems that Apple is the type of company that just ignores issues because fixing them means they have to admit they broke something or that they were wrong..


Using JSS 11.2.1. Is this something that is fixed with a later version of Jamf maybe?