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We are evaluating an in house hosted client backup solution and have narrowed it down to code 42 crashplan or commvault v11 (simpana). Has anyone experience with one of the systems? It is hard to find any information about commvault on Mac systems. Thanks for any advice
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I know crashplan very well. Never even heard of commvault which scares me as I thought I knew all the players in backups...

Crashplan is a great product for backup. It's easy to use, minimal system impact, offers cloud or in house storage. Easy to add/move storage. etc. Support is also great - fast and knowledgeable.

Downsides - I think it's pricey. but they all are so... Also, they are heavily pushing security functionality such as notify you when someone copies something to a cloud drive, or usb drive. I think that's not where a backup product should be going, but they see security software as a money maker so they're adding it in... I don't use that functionality, but I assume it works.

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@kdros we evaluated both of the products you mentioned. We went with Code42 CrashPlan even though we use CommVault to backup our servers. CommVault is in our opinion a new player in client backup so that influenced our opinion for sure. You also need a Gemalto to store keys with CommVault which they will provide as a VM. We also liked how easy CrashPlan is to setup with their cloud service. We store our keys on site and encrypted data in their cloud. I would look at Druva if you need to evaluate another similar player in the client backup market.

Our previous product we used was HP Connected Backup which do not recommend. In the end the cost to switch 4000+ clients from HP to Code42 was about the same monthly for much better solution.

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Our servers are backed up with CommVault, which is just awful on the Macs. Between the weird performance issues and the arcane command-line install (which requires a specific version of tcsh to be installed first), it was not a friendly experience.

We're in the process of switching from DLO (which is also not an acceptable product, in my experience) to CrashPlan. We've had about 200 users on CrashPlan for ~18 months while we convinced management to buy the rest of the licenses, and I'm incredibly happy with how easy the rollout has been so far.

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Thank you guys for the input.
We are also using CommVault as backup solution for our servers
and the most recommend solution for backups is CrashPlan. As far as I have seen it CommVault is hard to set up on a mac
And not a really user friendly expierince.

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We use Code42/CrashPlan ... Their support is one of the best, not that we use it that much, but when we do they are great!!!


PS I am 99% sure that most the big macOS environments use it...