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Hello All,

First time posting on here.

Looking for a little help setting up either a smart group or advanced search to catch any computers on my network that haven't been given the correct name in our naming convention.

Our naming convention is DMXXXXXX or LMXXXXXX for Desktop Mac/Laptop Mac, for example DM000849.

I've tried various searches that where set to the criteria of Computer Name "not like" like but I keep getting results showing me all computer names rather than the names that or not in the naming convention.
Some of older machine names where set to serial numbers or other naming conventions in the past.


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Welcome to JAMF Nation! What is your naming convention? It may be that you don't need any smart groups at all.

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@gmorgangsa Welcome to Jamf Nation!

I believe you may need to use a REGEX match in your search.
Good site to figure out the pattern

For your name convention the regex should be:



You also have the option of "does not match regex"

Hope this helps