Need API Info Last login information for mobile devices to assess Stale and Inactive devices

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In an application that I am building for our organization, I am using JAMF pro api's for getting some mobile device data.

The data that we need is :

Last date and  time the user logged into the mobile device or the last active date and time of the device.

We intend to use this data to see what are the stale devices and inactive devices for the last 30 days .

Is there a swagger api that we could use to get this information? 

we are using the following api to get the list of mobile devices that are with our organization.



I have gone through various screens aon UI and tried to analyze the back ground data but could not find any. Any help is reatly aprreciated.








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If you're wanting this information from an iOS or iPadOS device then you're going to have to look elsewhere. iOS and iPadOS aren't traditional multi user operating systems as such you won't get login events or the like from the device and in-turn data in Jamf Pro to act on or grab from the API.

You'll have better luck scraping that data from say a timed splash login for a wireless network or maybe an Azure, Okta, etc. login for an application on the device or when they're used with Jamf Setup and Reset, etc. 

As far as active dates and times you can scrape the last inventory date from a mobile device but that's not something I'd use to determine an "active" or in use device. 

The closest you'll get to something like this is if they're setup in Shared iPad Mode and you have the sessions set to time out.

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Hi Steve,

Thank you for your prompt reply. I have the following follow up questions:


1) Is there a way to determine if the mobile device is actively used or not just using JAMF PRO?


2) Whats the difference between the Last update date that we are getting from the stale devices report as shown in the screen shot and the last update date for a device.

the report is downloaded from the following screen:


The following is the screen shot of the Excel report :


They are not same for the  same devices( date time stamp inconsistency is found)



Any API that contains the last update date that we are getting from the report (excel data) will be helpful. 


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  1. Depends on your definition actively used. The iPhone or iPad could be plugged in, connected to a static WPA2 wireless network or LTE cell network and be sitting in the corner of an office gathering dust.  I would gather multiple datasets such as inventory update, battery level, used storage to get a loose, but more in line with real world determination of usage. You won't get anything definite from Jamf Pro though so it's up to you what level of determination you're after(exact or close enough). 

  2. Those are the same datasets. If the time and date is off in your excel report then you'd need to look at your search criteria.

Someone else with more API experience will have to chime in with other ideas, but you also need to define in your terms actively used and stale for us to better understand what you're after.