Need to update JSS?

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Recon 9.92
JSS 9.63

With my prior suite (9.63 and JSS 9.63) I am able to recon. Pre 10.11 computers, but not 10.11. When I use the 9.92 Suite I can't recon anything.

Is an update of the JSS necessary for Suite 9.92? I don't want to update the JSS and lose my ability to work with pre-10.11.

The errors I get are ... jamf binary failed to install, and or messages about "failed to update inventory"



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recon and jss should be the same version.

9.92 can work with prior versions of osx.

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I think that nominally you need JSS 9.8 for 10.11. The binary has moved, which is why you see this error.

See this post:

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You will need to upgrade your JSS to at least v9.8 to be able to manage El Capitan machines.

All Casper Suite apps (Recon, Imaging, Admin, etc) will need to be on the same version.

On a side note, Casper Imaging will need to be upgraded on your NetBoot images!