NetBoot image 10.3.2 & 10.13.3 build issues

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Maybe I'm just missing something but I don't seem to be able to build a new "working" NetBoot 10.13.2 or 10.13.3.

  • I used AutoDMG in latest flavour and build the a HFS - OS.DMG works like a charm as usual
  • I then build a new NetBoot based on macOS 10.13.2 or macOS 10.13.3. ...
  • the Build process using AutoCasperNBI, in latest flavour works without any problems as per the logs Uploading the new .NBI to the NetBoot server and setting it default.. all ok .. now the wired part starts..

The NetBoot starts loading from the Server (confirmed with Wireshark) and it takes pretty long but that's just the usual..

Suddenly, the bar is at I would say 90% and the loading stops and the NetBoot never finishes to load. standing forever with Apple Logo and Progress-bar.. eventually (after about 1h) the progress bar will at some point reach the 100% but it will not do anything further..

So just to check if I'm not out of my mind, I build a new NetBoot using an old 10.12.6 OS.DMG.. the build went as expected well as usual and NetBoot works as well..

The problem just is I need the APFS support which I obviously do not have on 10.12.6..

Did anyone else experience this kinda behaviour? Anyone know what else can be wrong with the 10.13.x NetBoot image?

Any help is greatly appreciated..


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We have had some mixed results with our 10.13.2 AutoCasperNBI as well on specific target hardware that has been exhibiting similar issues that you are having. We determined that the NetBoot 10.13.2 did in fact finished booting and was accessible via ARD/VNC if you enabled that functionality for your NetBoot option. Try building a new AutoCasperNBI 10.13.2 or 10.13.3 and see if you can ARD/VNC to it to see the status. We ended up having to rebuild our mac mini that was NetInstall services with 10.12.6 running (latest version that came down from the Mac AppStore).

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It is NOT recommended or supported to create a DMG for deploying 10.13.x. because it has to update BIOS to use this version of the MAC OSX and has to make changes if you drives are supported for APFS. That is why creating a DMG is NOT working for 10.13.x. Apple recommends that High Sierra be installed on every device manually.

All iMacs are basically all FUSION drives and will NOT work for APFS

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We have more than iMacs out there in our enterprise.. ..machines that do support APFS thats why we need it..

But ok .. I got the point.. & I know NetBoot is soon dead anyways... probably the best time to switch to the Manual labour deployment (DEP) instead of the conftable unattended deployment.

Thx for your thoughts on this..

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Same issue here. 10.13.3 NetBoot doesnt work anymore...

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Have you tried making it available over NFS instead of HTTP in "Image Settings"?