NetBootSUS won't startup NetBoot

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Hi Everybody,

I got the netbootsus appliance running in ESXi on an Xserve, which was very exciting. Uploaded my 10.7 netboot image and tried to enable it but the button stays red :-(

I have copied an .nbi folder into NetBoot, the folder is in the list. I've added the subnets, but the status stays red.

The goal is to be able to boot across vlans. Not sure if this is the right solution...

-- jmca


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The Netboot/SUS appliance may not be the solution, depending on your particular setup. See this thread for a couple of gotchas. Read Eric Krause's comments about spaces in the NBI folder and further down about encapsulated requests. These issues may be addressed in a later release, but that's up to JAMF-