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Can I modify the netinstall image create by casper netrestore to be smaller? Mine is 10 Gb, and I guess I do not need the extra Applications on it, maybe only Casper Imaging

I did this from a clean install of an iMac

thanks in advance


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Hi Chris

I want to use NetInstall Creator to create a Netinstall image, sorry I got you confused

This image is the one used to enable Netinstall service, but not the one used for reinstalling the machines

So this one is 10 Gb and used only to launch netinstall as you are aware of

So can I delete some apps from it?
thanks again



Netinstall or netboot?

If Netboot then it doesnt really matter, except for disk storage on the server and a few Gig is nothing,

For netbooting the size of the image has 0 impact on netbooting, it uses no more network bandwidth or client space than a smaller image, so you will see no improvement what so ever by reducing the image size (except that it takes a few gigs less of space on the server)

I have been using netbooting since it first came out around 10yrs ago and the way netbooting works means that the image size is not important, you can netboot a client with 100GB image exactly the same as a client from a 5GB image, and they both perform identically


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Yes you can. I always take out iLife, and every other app on there except for disk utility, a text editor, terminal, and the console. Everything else gets deleted off my netboot image/installer.

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Will do So

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