Netinstall only booting into Recovery Mode

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Set up netinstall via the server app.

Created the .nbi with system image utility.

The image shows up green in the server app, shows up in startup disk options on the target machine.

From the logs of the server, I get a valid IP, and the BSDP ACK and LIST commands are there.

But every time, the target machine just boots into recovery.

Any thoughts?


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Furthermore, I see it under Connections in the Netinstall section of the server app, sitting at 0%, while the target computer is in Recovery.

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Haven't seen this issue, but we're using AutoCasperNBI to create our bootable media.

This is then loaded into NetInstall.

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Are you sure its actually booting into Recovery Mode? the NetInstall experience looks similar to that of Recovery (Internet and Recovery Partition).

You can verify by disabling any other existing NetBoot/NetImages and make your NetInstall the default. Hold N to ensure to get to that one or Option and select it.

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The interesting thing is its booting into recovery on the Netinstall image it looks like....

The machine was 10.11. When I start in recovery mode, I get the standard screen, and the Reinstall MacOS icon is the standard disk icon.

When I boot into the Netinstall image, I see the Reinstall MacOS icon is now the 10.12 one.

But no, I'm not sure Walt... based on the videos I saw, it should boot to a language chooser, and then right into the installer screen, right?

Tried a machine with No JAMF, fresh out of the box (literally), and same thing.

I'm going crazy over here!

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@jlang_remedy as mentioned by @walt, if you did indeed make a netinstall nbi, you are getting expected results, I think you meant to make a netboot nbi if you are trying to image a machine

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@Nix4Life netBoot I got to work... that just boots into a desktop. The netInstall should bring me to a MacOS install screen I believe...?