NetSUS Issue

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I'm curious if anyone else out there is using the current NetSUS appliance as a netboot server. I have one that I've setup (v1.02 via Github install) that I've been testing and using since the fall. We ran into an issue with it conflicting with our Apple netboot servers when it's on the same subnet. A colleague opened up a support ticket with Apple's professional services. After many packet captures and back and forth it appears the NetSUS appliance is hijacking the netboot request from the colleague's client machine to his server.

Has anyone else seen this or have both an Apple and NetSUS appliance on the same subnet?

To keep this short I'll post a snipet from the Apple engineer. If anyone is interested in the full dialog let me know.

Apple response:
"2. The Server Priority field for all of the "Faux NetBoot" servers is 65535, which is the highest priority (meaning clients should use that server first). Apple NetBoot servers automatically adjust their priority as they get busier (decrementing the number so that clients will prefer other, less busy servers).

These factors make me suspect that the NetBoot appliances are confusing the client in the non-working case. Let us know what you find out."


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Yes we've had the exact same issue. We were working on this in a potential move from our xserves to the appliance. If the two can't coexist (which seems very plausible right now), then this puts our migration away from xserves strategy in real trouble.