NetSUS Netboot Sierra

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So, Nbi is fine booting from a MAc Server, I now have a NETSUS appliance.
I can see and boot from my Netsus netboot image, However, The progress bar stalls at the end and nothing more happens.
I can see the Mc018adc6998d04ecda70281bda852d0fd
c in ARD and its stating that th ecurrent Application is Casper Imaging, howevre, it aint.

Anyone seen this before??


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Do you get all the way into the NetBoot Image?

You might want to turn on verbose boot in NVRAM to see if it tosses any errors.

You also might want to do some TCP dumps from the NetSUS Appliance to see if it's throwing any errors with the connection.


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The thing is, I can boot happily from my El Cap image.

Using AutoDMG and Auto CasperNBI..

Tried all combinations.

Anyone successfully created a working NetSUS based Sierra Image using these tools?


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I have no issues using Sierra with AutoDMG and AutoCasperNBI.

It would be interesting to see what your DHCPd is doing. Packet captures (Wireshark) are useful, as well as the content of /var/log/messages

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I gave up with using the NetSUS for NetBooting Sierra NBIs (same issues as above, slightly improved by tweaking the TFTP blocksize but shouldn't have had anything to do with it at that stage as the image is served over HTTP). It looks like NetSUS has been all-but abandoned.

Replaced it with a server running BSDPy.

Graham Gilbert wrote an excellent guide here: Essentially, just install Ubuntu Server and off you go. With Ubuntu Server 16.04, the default ethernet interface is ens32 rather than eth0, so I had to change that in the script from his guide.

It's also nearly twice as fast at NetBooting clients, you can host more than one NetBoot set (shown on the Mac boot picker screen) plus you get them showing up in the Startup Disk preferences pane. Awesome!