NetSUS not making some updates available

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I've been using NetSUS for a while now without a problem and really love it.
Sierra has been a bit of a tricky once but finally got it working.
However, it seems like its not making deprecated updates available even though I have them checked as available.
For instance, since 10.12.2 came out, I haven't been able to update to 10.12.1.
10.12.2 has some pretty significant bugs, so I'd rather not make that update available.
I did a test where I have a 10.12.0 machine that is completely updated except for the OS.
With all updates available except 10.12.2, the client shows no updates available. However when I make 10.12.2 active, it shows up as available on the client.

The same behavior seem to be happening with the iTunes 12.5.4 update- that's the only iTunes update that I can make show up in Software Update.

Any ideas would be fantastic.


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I'm seeing some similar issues, specifically our NetSUS won't find the 10.12.2 update to at least download before we make it available. It also appears that we are missing the iTunes update entirely.

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Upon further investigation it looks like NetSus is not even adding the 10.12.1 update to the SUCatalog file.

I saved a copy with all updates checked, also a copy with the 10.12.1 update uncheck, and as a control I saved a copy with everything except the 10.12.2 updates checked.
I then did a file compare.

Between the ALL and the No 10.12.2, there was a good number of lines that were different.
Between the ALL and the No 10.12.1, the file content was identical.

Since JAMF doesn't really support NetSUS anymore and this being OpenSource.... is there any way to find a fix for this?


same issue here. any updates?