NetSUS Server Drive Full

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So it happened. The VM drive I have set up is completely full with updates and I can no longer get into the web portal. I've tried SSH'ing into the VM and running the purge on deprecated files, but that has not created any space.

repoutil --purge-product all-deprecated --force

So I am at a loss. One question I do have is that currently I have 3 branches (beta, dev, and prod). If I have multiple branches does that mean that it downloads 3 copies of all the files? One for each branch.

The VM HD is set to 300GB like it was suggested. I am unsure how it filled up so fast.

Any help would be appreciated!


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Not a lot of help since I don't use NetSUS, but to answer part of your question, no - there should be a single download for each package, regardless of how many lists it is included in. Your branches are simply lists, there should be no duplication of packages no matter how many branches you've created.

For what it is worth, my Reposado library (stand-alone, not a NetSUS build) is 329.8gb right now... I'm guessing that the 300gb recommendation came before things like multiple Sierra installs/etc. bloated it a bit more.

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Thanks @Taylor.Armstrong . I'll expand the drive to allow for more.