NetSUS SMB Share Access + Bless Command Fail?

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To better troubleshoot issues I'm having getting NetBoot to work across subnets I installed a fresh copy of the JAMF NetSUS in a Fusion VM via 3.0.1 OVA, launched webadmin, configured settings, uploaded working NetBoot file, and ensured the server IP is on same subnet as client.

However, while the clients boot fine via OPTION at boot, pointing the client to the server via the bless command below is failing on RPC timeout client-side error. From the server I am also getting errors back from the "smbstatus" which suggest a larger configuration problem.

Anybody experienced these types of errors before? Is there additional smb.conf configuration needed beyond what you do through webadmin?

jssadmin@NetSUS:~$ smbstatus

Samba version 4.1.6-Ubuntu

PID Username Group Machine

Failed to initialize session_global: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED

Service pid machine Connected at

Failed to initialize session_global: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED Failed to traverse sessions: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED No locked files

Here's the Bless Command

bless --verbose --netboot --booter tftp:// --kernelcache tftp:// --options "rp=nfs:" --nextonly

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Did you ever find the solution to this. I am running to the exact same thing with my NetSUS + Bless command.

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I'm having the exact same issue. Both with the bless command and the errors on the NetSUS.

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I am not very familiar with NetSUS, but you realize that with 10.11 and SIP the bless command is limited to boot to 'trusted' netboot servers? see HT205054 and der flounder.

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try this:

sudo bless --netboot --nextonly --server bsdp://<ip address of the netboot server>
sudo shutdown -r now

see what happens..

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Also, You MUST have this set..

Subnets on which to listen for the NetBoot image. One of the subnets must include the IP address of the NetBoot server ..


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oh, and the original terminal command that the guy was using in 2014 is now the one I've posted above..