Network Home Mounts for Students on Active Directory

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When OSX 10.11 on iMacs in my environment integrated into active directory with the option enabled for "Force Local Home Directory". I do get a network home mounted and a shortcut dropped on the dock. HOWEVER, when attempting to save from an application I have to navigate from the shared servers mount point and the home directory is 3 levels deep and exposes every user account available to the student attempting to save. See the attached image for an example from my account. Has anyone run into this and found a better way to mount the network home? Apple doesn't seem to be doing a great job of this.d0b76d4f0df244f7b49d92373473802a

The reason we are attempting to use the "force local home directory" option is because Adobe Creative Cloud applications are becoming very unreliable or just flat out don't work for network accounts. I am working with their support to resolve that issue but the "force local home directory" is my backup plan. Ideally the students would operate exactly like they do on the windows PCs where EVERYTHING they do is via their network home and NOTHING ever gets saved locally.


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If they go to the "Computer" level first, does their network user folder show up as a mounted drive?