Network Printer Query

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We are currently deploying printers via an SMB queue (mostly used by our Windows users), it is a "follow-me" set up so users require credentials to print.

A very common issue at the moment is that when a user installs the printer via self service, they do not get a "hold for authentication" to enter their credentials, instead the print job mostly hangs and the users have to reset their entire printing system and reboot, reinstall the printer to get it prompting for their credentials. A pain when they are complaining about losing all their printers from the reset.

Has anyone experienced this/know of a potential workaround or fix? The printer is captured through Casper Admin with the PPD uploaded, and Lexmark driver pack is applied within the policy.


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 /usr/sbin/lpadmin -p printername -o auth-info-required=negotiate

allow the printer to print? I'm assuming Kerberos is working correctly in your environment.