NetworkStateChange and Apple TVs?

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I have a policy set for NetworkStateChange trigger to just log ip. When I look at the logs for this policy however, it is triggering about every 20 minutes on many MacBooks Airs (10.9.5), round the clock, even while asleep in their carts.

One thought is that this is caused by Apple TVs broadcasting. I can filter the logs based on building and in one building that uses AirServer instead of Apple TV, those computers show considerable fewer logs, though this does not hold true 100%.
I am checking on Apple TVs (which are just "out there") to see if they need software updates.

Also many of these Airs have some firmware updates pending, which are a little more challenging to push out.
In 10.9.5, the ability to manage "Power Nap" does not show up until these firmware updates are completed.

I am not discounting something weird happening on the network either, since we have a hodge podge of wireless hardware and very old switches (but new money in July... Yippee!)

Any other ideas about this?