New laptop can't connect to our JAMF servers

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Hi there,


Whenever we order a new batch of laptops and we turn them on with hardwired internet, it doesn't go to the Remote Management screen. It goes from Accessibility to Migration assistant, essentially allowing someone to create a local account.


I'm not sure what's missing. They are in our ABM and they are in the appropriate prestage enrollment groups


I have to go through setting up the laptop with a temporary account and then wipe it in system settings (erase all content and settings,) then it "activates" again in order for it to pick up JAMF connect.


Is there a better way to handle these types of issues? We plan on using zero touch but we can't send out brand new laptops if they just can't connect to remote management for the first time out the box.


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When you look at the prestage these are in what is the status of one of these new Macs. Is it displaying assigned

A few things I'd try if I were in this scenario:

  1. In ABM un-assign the serial numbers for this group of Macs. Filter by order number if you're unsure which ones. Give It a beat then reassign them. Go back to your prestage and ensure they all appear, are added and show assigned. 
  2. Nuke your prestage and start over
  3. Download a new server token from ABM and replace the current one. Check your prestage(s). Even if no changes need made just click edit then save for kicks and giggles.

When we get new laptops, they are not assigned to any prestage yet. We go in and manually assign one to one of our prestages first.


We did replace our server token two weeks ago, this was happening before then too.


So you think that once a laptop is entered into ABM, it should be automatically assigned to at least one prestage first? 

Hello, @JayKay27 I believe manually assigning it to a prestage is your issue. ABM and prestage work better when they are auto-assigned to some prestage. We have it where all our devices go to one prestage and before opening the device if it needs to be assigned to another, we move it manually. 
It may be also better for the inventory team in case one "falls out of the delivery truck" so it auto-enrolls into your prestage if it gets stolen. We have had some that have gone missing and they just show right back up in our inventory because of ABM.

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Yep, I agree. If you have multiple make on pre-stage auto assign new devices then move as needed.

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Ok thank you, I have chosen a prestage that will automatically catch all new laptops. Lets hope this issue is resolved!