New MacBook Pros freezing at creating account when using DEP PreStage Enrollment

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I have my first batch of machines where I'm trying to use DEP PreStage Enrollment. I'm getting the page that says that Casper will manage the computer, but after clicking next on the create account screen, it's freezing on me with the spinning beach ball. Casper is creating a computer record, but it's not showing as managed.


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@mattstocum I've seen this as well when I tested DEP. In my testing the account creation completes most of the time. When I did a hard shutdown the account was still created, but your mileage may vary.

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After about 35 minutes, it finally got through, but after logging in I got another error "DEP QuickAdd failed to download. Use the Purchases page to try again." My QuickAdd package isn't currently signed, I'm wondering if that's a requirement?


Just had this happen to me yesterday as well when I tried DEP for the first time. Going to play with it more today.

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I see this happening on most of our non-DEP machines also, when imaging them with NetRestore (it has been happening with never-booted images of 10.10.0 through .2, created with AutoDMG, then converted to NBI with System Image Utility).

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Slightly different but maybe related. Check for policies on the enrolment trigger that might request a restart. We use Deploy Studio to push thd quickadd pkg and since 10.10 it sometime stalls on enrolment policies which require a restart.