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Hello All,

I'm new to JAMF and I have a million questions. I've signed up for the Jump Start but I wanted to make sure I have everything together before that time arrives. So we don't have a lot of Macs I would say about 20 and maybe 100 iOS devices, I was going to order a Mac mini but I was wondering if I can install on Windows Server 2016? Which would be better? Does it make a difference? What needs to be installed prior to the Jump Start? Also since we don't have many devices will I be able to keep the database on the same device? I know that's a lot of questions but I just want to be prepared. I'm really excited about this since I've been manually patching and doing inventory for these device (Ugh). Oh I'm also interested in integrating with AD so I'm not sure what that entails either. Thanks for all of your help.


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Windows Server 2016 should be supported. Though, if you're doing it on-prem and not going with JAMF Cloud, Windows Server 2012 R2 might be less of a pain in the finances in terms of the per-core licensing structure they announced.

That said, I'd STRONGLY recommend installing your JAMF Pro server instance on either a Windows Server 2012 R2/2016 box or a Linux box and not a Mac server of any kind. It's not that the Mac couldn't do it. Just that Linux and Windows Server boxes are better geared for being, y'know, servers.

Welcome to JAMF!

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Welcome...first advice is to feel free to come here and speak up with your questions. Most of us here like to help.

Second advice is to plan on working late on your jumpstart days. As you grasp each new item being taught, run with it and test on things you get. On things you don’t get, make your list and pepper your integrator until you do.

Third advice, in answer to your specific question...I second the advice don’t have to host your jamf Pro server on a Mac. Use whatever platform you or your org is happy with. I cut my teeth on Macs growing up so at first I thought a Mac might be best, but it’s a total waste of a good Mac and it not always easy to get the software prerequisites right on a Mac these days without a little thought. If you work in a shop dominated by Windows admins, consider using Windows so they could help you out and bump a service if needed. If Ubuntu is your shop’s forte, then use that to host on. Jamf supports any host OS equally. For your Macs (as opposed to iOS devices) I would recommend also recommend a separate distribution point for your installer packages. Any well provisioned/provided SMB share should do. This way if you expand and grow, you can do so modularly.

One more point is to have your integrator teach you modern provisioning methods for Macs...old school imaging is on its way out given Apple’s recent developments .

Welcome and look forward to you posting

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As said by @blackholemac, try and get yourself away from the imaging concept right from the start and have everything as enrol and then deployments or Self Service on top. It's just a better place to be and far less likely to fall foul of Apple's complete lack of a road mapping and penchant for springing "just one more thing" (that your going to hate as an admin because your completely unprepared for) surpises.

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Thanks everyone, I decided to go with Windows Server 2016 and it's working fine so far. I'm getting myself acclimated with the dashboard and will add a few test machines just to see how everything looks.

Thanks again and I'll see you all in the threads!!!

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Also you should join the macadmins slack

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We have a Mac Mini as a server and are switching to Linux. Just a heads up, Mac Minis aren't the best with SQL, good choice going with Windows

oh & Welcome tot he partyt~!

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