NoMAD Login KeyChain Sync

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Implementing basic NoMAD functionality, and seeing the following:

When a user changes password, it updates the KeyChain item "NoMAD Application password".

The user has a separate stored 802.1X Keychain Item that holds their network password.

If I change SSIDs and then come back to Corporate Wifi, it prompts for new password. My goal is to have Keychain update the 802.1X KeyChain automatically when the NoMAD password is changed.

Is this possible?

Currently, the users local account has no binding to the network password, so not integrating that functionality right now.


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While I haven't done this myself, my understanding is it can be done with a plist entry for NoMAD, called KeychainItems that needs to be an array of items that NoMAD should try to locate in the users keychain and update with the users password.
You can see a list of all the items NoMAD can manage here:

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Thanks @mm2270 Added the KeychainItems to my .plist config file and getting the same results. Here is what I did:

defaults write com.trusourcelabs.NoMAD KeychainItems -dict "Corporate Wifi” "$UserShortName"

This adds the following to my plist file:

KeychainItems = { "Corporate Wifi" = ""; };

Not sure if the UserShortName is not getting read correctly, or something else is wrong. Attempted to change password and same behavior.

Any help would be appreciated!


I just added the KeychainItems with the following command got the following result. Same negative outcome, it appears $UserShortName is not pulling the variable, if I understand how this works.

defaults write com.trusourcelabs.NoMAD KeychainItems '{ "Corporate Wifi" = "$UserShortName"; }';

KeychainItems = { "WinnerComm Wifi" = "$UserShortName"; };