Non-Casper IT Policy Question


We issue our faculty and staff users MacBook Pros at the beginning of the school year which they are supposed to keep until the lease is renewed and we get more machines, but too frequently the machines are spilled on, dropped, or damaged in some other way, like run over by the user's own car. Not joking. You may be surprised to discover that Apple doesn't cover sedan-related damage.

Does anyone have a policy dealing with issues like this? Right now, we have an unspoken "you break it you get one more on us" rule, but that's not cutting it since it's happening more and more frequently and it's just a total waste of money. Our teachers need laptops, so if anyone has experience reconciling the need for technology with a policy to deal with people that break it, I'd love to know. You can e-mail me off-list.


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We have students pay a deductible every school year and then a percentage of the repair if it is abused. Staff, well, we let them slide but if they are repeat offenders they will have to cough up the same percentage. I think our basically formula is you just owe 15% or so of the actual repair costs. I have had some crazy stories, like the student who put his macbook on top of his car and then drove off only to watch it fall and shatter to pieces when he was on I-70.

We also flag assets in the JSS with the word "_broken" or "_decommissioned" in their name and unmanage them.