Non Compatible App install

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I'm wondering if you're able to push out non compatible apps with JAMF. For example Arrivecan says that it's not supported on iPads, but I'm able to install it on a personal iPad without any issues. It's my understanding that it should still be able to run as they're both run off a version of IOS, but it just won't have the full screen capability.

After purchasing the app in Apple Business Manager  it doesn't show any of the information such as "Type", "total Purchased", "In user" and "Remaining" in Mobile Device Apps. In addition when I push it out it shows up on the device, but when the user selects install they get the following error:

Sign in to iTunes to allow "" to manage and install apps.


I've played around with the Make app managed when possible feature, but no luck so far. Any help would be appreciated. 


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I figured it out. I think it ended up just being a waiting game. I had purchases 1500 licenses which is near the limit according to Apple Business Manager. So it probably just took a while for those licenses to authenticate with the location? 

Also I did toggle the "Assign Content Purchased in Volume" in Mobile Device Apps > the ArriveCAN > Managed Distribution > Device Assignments.

At one point I also removed all ArriveCAN licenses from JAMF and manually added them back again.