Notifications on Catalina - remove them

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Since upgrading to Catalina, each user has about 7-8 notifications pop up asking them to allow.

It really clutters the desktop.

Is there a way of suppressing them?


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In truth, all the users need to do is click Allow on those notifications, and they "shouldn't" pop up again. I say shouldn't with quotes because honestly I don't always trust Apple's processes. Things go wrong sometimes, so who really knows. But it really should make them go away once they click Allow.

But in general I agree with you that all these notices Catalina pops up now are quite annoying. I also think it's a bad idea. Apple seems to be training people to just click OK/Allow on messages like this because most people don't even know what the heck these things are and just want to start using their Mac and not be annoyed with these silly messages. It's not helpful, really.

If you'd rather suppress some of them or all of them, you can take a look at this thread for more info on how to develop a Config Profile to suppress them. Be aware that it makes it so end users cannot override the setting once it's pushed in a profile, in case they wanted to NOT allow some of those notifications.

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This is your chance to educate your staff on Apple security. Spoonfeeding and coddling is going to end up being a detriment to your end user. Tour notifications? yeah, squelch that. But basic security allow/disallow is the last line of defense for a user.