Odd Self Service issue


Greetings all,

We're getting ready to roll out self service to our campus, but one of my test machine's is exhibiting some odd behavior. I have a policy set up to install Final Cut Studio 3 as a DMG package we built in Composer. It installs fine on most computers (considering it's a huge package) but on one Mac Pro running Lion, it will not install. When you attempt to install it, it appears to start just fine but after a few seconds, stops and flips you back to the featured items screen. I got a screen recording of the problem in action. http://d.pr/67LA

When this happens, there's no log of the issue. No error message, nothing in system.log or jamf.log, and the JSS doesn't show the policy as having been executed.

Anyone have any insight as to why this may be happening?

Thanks for any help,




I should mention here that it's only happening with the Final Cut package. Any other package works just fine. And it's only on this particular system.