Office 2011 generating recovered files in the trash

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Hey everyone, I'm trying to track down an issue with Office 2011 that Microsoft is having trouble replicating. . . . The issue is that we're seeing office-related files appearing in Recovered Files folders in the trash after reboot or log off. No errors occur while using the Office applications, the recovered files just appear in your trash silently when you log back on. I've been able to replicate this with 14.2.3 and 14.1.4 on both my casper-built systems, and on Macs with the Apple factory image and Office installed from the volume license ISO.
Anyone else seeing this at all? Here's a screenshot of an example
external image link


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Some of our Desktop Support techs are reporting users are seeing files in ~/.Trash after a reboot, and they're thinking it's Outlook 2011 doing it. Strange, the files/folders sit at top level of ~/.Trash without the usual Recovered Files folder. I wonder if Microsoft is not following Apple guidelines (again)? :)