Office 2019 Window Sizing

Contributor II

I have a user that has reported that any time they use Office 2019, the window will change to it's default size. They are unhappy about this because Office 2016 remembered the size of the window between application launches. (I don't know if this is true because I have never used it)

The main window (where you select your template) remembers it's sizing between launches, but not the "Normal.dotm" template/blank word document.

Is there a bug with Office 2019, or is this intended behavior? Is there a way to fix this so the window size stays the same each time they run the program?

I am currently running 16.27 and experience this behavior (the window isn't small by any means, it just doesn't remember the last size. I don't know their exact version but I do know it is Office 2019.)

Seems this issue started with 16.25, and was partially fixed with 16.27, but still not completely resolved.
In case anyone else runs into this issue: