OneDrive Auto Sign-in

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I am in the process of rolling out JAMF Connect on newly provisioned Macs and at the same time, I want to automatically set up OneDrive for business. I have found that I can manage some settings as described in But I can't find a way to auto-configure the user account? Full SSO would be nice and, what I expected when using JAMF Connect, but that doesn't seem to work as I expected it to 😞 

Our user's email address is different from their account name so where OneDrive asks for "Email Address" during the setup, I don't want to have to rely on users entering anything, I want to either configure OneDrive completely in the background or at the very least, have the "Email" address pre-populated.

I am not really interested in file redirection scripts, just initial account configuration. Has anyone got a working process here? 


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I don't think you can do this with something like a config profile but you can try the SignInHelper  from We use it and it seems to pre-populate the email fields for several Office apps (not sure it does for OneDrive).