Open Source IPhone App to Talk to Jamf API

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JamfIt - IPhone App


Hi everyone, I have been holding back from posting this for the past few months but here it goes. I wish I had better work to show but I been on this project for the past two years and I thought instead of wasting my time trying to learn how to make it work, I should share it to start something new to grow.

Please click on the link above for more detailed information on how to get the app testing on your own IPhone. (Assuming you have one)

Jamf It is an IPhone app that I have been testing and making for the past two years (on and off) I am sharing the code online for anyone to access and play around with.

Please share any insight or criticism! The project is by no means complete and at a very alpha testing phase. I am a programmer beginning to dabble in swift but I wish to make it better in the future.

If you decide to take some part of the code or all of it please share what you do! Would be great to see what this brings. My main hopes is that this can grow into something we can all use.