OpenDNS Umbrella Deployment

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Has anyone successfully deployed Umbrella for OS X through Casper policy? We built the package in composer, scoped out a policy. It installs, the green light shows up in the menu bar, shows that it is protected, but it doesn't show up in our dashboard and is not blocking anything. Works fine if we manually install it. Talked to OpenDNS and they told us they don't support Casper deployment and that we had to manually install on all clients or deploy through group policy in AD.


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We are just in the testing phase, so we are open to alternatives to OpenDNS as well. We are on a time crunch (as usual) though.

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I had 1 minor hiccup getting it to work.

I believe if I remember right there's a configuration file that is needed to register it to your account. It has to be in the same directory as the pkg. So my policy copies the folder containing the pkg and the config file into /var/tmp then run a script to run the installer. Then delete it all when finished.

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Would you mind sharing your policy/script that you used for this?

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In case anybody else finds this and needs assistance getting it working properly.

In "/Library/Application Support/ create a folder named "OpenDNS Roaming Client" and place the Orginfo.plist file that's bundled with the the roaming client installer you downloaded. If you open that file you should be able to match up the Org ID and Fingerprint ID.

Then in drag in Orginfo.plist and create it as a DMG installer. When you add this package into casper admin give the package a priority of 9 so it installs first.

The Roaming Client installer you don't need to do anything special with, just drag it directly into Casper Admin and leave it at it's default 10 priority.

Create your install policy and add both packages and you should be all set.

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this may not be the best way... but it works for me.

cd /Users/Shared/

curl -O


installer -pkg ./RoamingClient_MAC_1.7.21.pkg -target /

rm RoamingClient_MAC_1.7.21.pkg

rm OrgInfo.plist


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Exact same set up here as boberito. Created a package that copies the installer and OrgInfo.plist to /tmp then a postinstall script installs it and adds the disable option to the menu bar item


installer -pkg /private/tmp/OpenDNS-URC-mac-1.6.17/RoamingClient_MAC_1.6.17.pkg -target /

rm -rf /private/tmp/OpenDNS-URC-mac-1.6.17

# add the disable option to the menu bar
defaults write /Library/Application Support/OpenDNS Roaming Client/Updater.plist EnableDisableOption -bool true
chown root:admin /Library/Application Support/OpenDNS Roaming Client/Updater.plist
chmod 644 /Library/Application Support/OpenDNS Roaming Client/Updater.plist

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Below are instructions on how to do this via Jamf.

[](link URL)

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Thanks @ChrisRybin

Fairly clean and easy:

-Create policy scoped as needed with (1) script and (1) pkg payloads
-Generate the required site-specific settings .plist file via script
-Push out the pkg

Additionally, I created a EA to verify the existence of the OpenDNS settings .plist file so Jamf can install again if it is missing.

We push Open DNS via DHCP for our LAN desktops. So we only need to install the Cisco Umbrella (OpenDNS) roaming client on our laptops (and a few home office workstations).

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This link was already posted but I thought I'd repost since it worked seamlessly.